Equal Dollars Member Spotlight: Alfred Mays

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For our first Equal Dollars member spotlight of 2013 we chose to speak with Alfred Mays. Mr. Mays volunteers at both the weekly Equal Dollars Food Market and at Kailo Haven, an RHD affiliate that helps clients deal with issues associated with addiction recovery, homelessness and behavioral health. Alfred has been an Equal Dollars member for over a year now, and began volunteer work with the Kailo Haven program after benefiting from their services in the past. We asked Mr. Mays to explain a little about how Kailo Haven works and how Equal Dollars can help facilitate the recovery process among their clients.

“[Kailo Haven] acts as a safe haven for their clients, but it also helps them get their necessary paperwork from the state like their birth certificate, ID, driver’s license etc. It also works with different organizations like Pathways, the Philadelphia Housing Authority and others to help them get housing if they need it. Also, if there are clients who have a problem with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can direct them to a rehabilitation center that will help them deal with it.”

“I first came to Kailo from Boulevard Apartments which is also run by RHD. They helped me sort out certain things that I needed like my driver’s license.”

We asked Alfred if he had mentioned the Equal Dollars program to any of the clients at Kailo Haven that he helps support.

“Yes absolutely. Some of the people who arrive after maybe two weeks will start to inquire about how to get involved with the Equal Dollars program. If they’re interested, I have them come with us, usually myself and either a supervisor or another staff member, and we drive up to the Central Office to speak with someone who works at Equal Dollars who can explain the system to them and show them the ropes. I know that there are 4 people including myself from Kailo Haven that come to the Food Market on a regular basis; we go just about every Monday.”
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