10 Fun New Year’s Resolutions

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This year, try following these Equal Dollars resolutions!

1. Find a new way to spend your Equal Dollars

2. Earn more Equal Dollars this year than you did last year by taking advantage of one of the many volunteer opportunities

3. Tell at least two neighbors about Equal Dollars

4. Buy more vegetables at the food market and cook healthy meals for your family

5. Share the produce you buy at the food market with friends and neighbors

6. Learn some useful gardening skills by volunteering at the urban farm. Perhaps you can even start your own vegetable garden at home!

7. Find a use for all those free bananas available at the food market. Try whipping up some delicious banana shakes!

8. Make an Equal Dollars donation to a participating non-profit

9. Stay fit and reduce harmful automobile emissions by riding your bike. Don’t have a bike? Purchase one with Equal Dollars through our Bike Program!

10. Clean the clutter in your home and donate any unused items to the Treasure Chest


To try out some of these resolutions contact Ben Kincaid at ben.kincaid@rhd.org!

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