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Pop Up Market and Day of Service Nov. 2nd!

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As part of our Keepin’ It Local campaign, Equal Dollars will be holding our first Pop Up Market and Day of Service at Chalmers Park on Saturday November 2nd at 9am! We will have a ton of service projects followed by refreshments and an opportunity to spend your Equal Dollars at our Pop Up Market.

Volunteer projects will include cleaning and tilling three urban gardens, a street cleaning in the area around Chalmers Park, and cleaning up around the Widener Branch Library!

Equal Dollars has lots of great stuff that we will offer our members for Equal Dollars only! After the day of service, you can shop for Equals only at our Pop Up Market. Browse a wide variety of home goods, clothing and much more. Neighborhood venders will also be selling their wares for partial Equal Dollars, so there will be a bit of something for everyone!

Interested in vending? Contact Irvine Shannon with Harmonious Volunteer Center at To learn more about this event contact Ben Kincaid at or 215-951-0300.

Third Keepin’ It Local Smashing Success!

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On Saturday, September 28th, Equal Dollars Community Currency had the pleasure of hosting our third Keepin’ It Local Day in South Kensington. We are proud to say that the Keepin’ It Local campaign has continued to gain energy since our first community cleanup back in March, both in terms of support from local businesses and residents and from local media outlets. This was our biggest Keepin’ It Local Day yet and featured an amazing turnout of volunteers and neighborhood residents looking to support local businesses and make a positive impact on their community.

This time around, we at Equal Dollars focused on building on our previous success. First, we wanted to attract more volunteers in the South Kensington neighborhood by working with new grassroots community organizations and volunteer networks. In that spirit, for our third Keepin It Local Day we partnered some amazing organizations in Kensington and the surrounding area, including Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, New Kensington CDC, the Fishtown Neighbors Association, the Fishtown Area Business Association and the South Kensington Community Partners. It was a pleasure to work with so many like-minded community partners on this event, and this collaboration went a long way to making this Keepin’ It Local Day so successful.

In addition to building new connections within the neighborhood, we also wanted to increase the ways in which volunteers could get involved and serve their community.

Philadelphia Bike Rescue

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Does your bicycle need repaired? Looking to purchase a new or gently used one? Thinking about customizing your bike? If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no farther! The Philadelphia Bike Rescue (PBR) is your one-stop shop for all bike-related needs. Located at 2424 Coral Street, PBR sells high-quality, affordable serviced bicycles, new and used parts of all kinds, and offers custom restoration services. Committed to ecological sustainability, PBR recycles and reuses whatever materials it can and encourages urban residents to make cycling a part of their daily routine. On Saturday, September 28th, PBR partnered with Equal Dollars for our Keepin’ It Local campaign in South Kensington! Participants enjoyed a bike workshop and the opportunity to view a display of PBR products, including repair tools and parts and jewelry from recycled materials. To learn more about PBU, visit their website or schedule an appointment with them here!

Get Equal Dollars By Donating!

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Wow! You Equal Dollars Members have really been stepping up to the plate to help the students at James G. Blaine Elementary School in Strawberry Mansion! Over 35 Equal Dollars members have already donated and gotten Equal Dollars. You can be next!
Get 5 Equal Dollars for each of the following items you donate:

  • Uniform Vouchers/ or uniforms (green shirts and tan/ khaki pants or skirts)
  • Tissues
  • Glue
  • Marble Composition Books
  • Dividers
  • Blue/Black/Red Pens
  • 3-5 Spiral Notebook
  • Book bags

Click here for the full list of items

Donations can be dropped off at three locations:

Equal Dollars’ Office

4700 Wissahickon Ave
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

The Strawberry Mansion Food Market

2937 Ridge Ave

Monday, 3:30-5pm

The Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center

2829 West Diamond St

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm


Please get your donations in by October 18th!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Ben Kincaid at 215-951-0300 ext. 3735 or at


The Occupy Card

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Though the Occupy Wall Street movement fizzled out two years ago, its powerful ideology lives on, as is evident by the proposed prepaid debit card, the Occupy Card. Created to aid those who are “unbanked,” “underbanked,” or “angry-banked,” the Occupy Card will allow members (anybody) to receive a free debit card equipped with basic financial services and low transaction fees.

Once the founders raise the initial start-up capital-a massive $900,000-the Cards will be offered by FDIC-member banks. The Card is the first financial service proposed by the nonprofit Occupy Money Cooperative, composed of former volunteers who met through an Occupy Wall Street think-tank. The Occupy Money Cooperative designed the Occupy Card as an alternative to the current centralized financial system dominated by profit-driven mega banks.

Founded on the values of inclusion, transparency, democracy, and cooperation, the Cooperative seeks to provide fair, decentralized, and low cost financial services to its members. While the Card will surely bring underbanked or unbanked people into the cashless economy, critics are voicing their concerns. To find out why, and for more details on the Occupy Card, click here!